A New Era


Country Music Australia is in a period of transition and evaluation. During the last decade the music industry as a whole has seen significant changes to business models. In country music, we have witnessed the changing of the guard, with the passing of some of our country music legends and trailblazers, including Slim Dusty. Our historical context is changing and impacting our identity and ability to build a strong, vibrant, dynamic and long term viable industry. As a organisation we believe this is positive change – yes we are experiencing teething problems, however the lively debate and controversy around Country Music Australia ensures that passion and commitment is alive and well. It is from this stand point, and in the words of Slim Dusty, we are ‘looking forward’.


Dobe Newton President CMAAThe task of ‘representing and promoting’ any genre of music is an extremely challenging one. Like jazz, classical, rock …. etc, country music covers a broad musical spectrum from tradition-based, acoustic forms to contemporary, rock-based sounds, and everything in between.

Just as the writers and performers are spread across the spectrum, so are the managers, agents, promoters, journalists, broadcasters, publishers, labels and fans in terms of their involvement and preferences.

No organisation can adequately represent all these interests and all the issues they generate.  However, what it can (and must) do is create an environment for the issues to be robustly and respectfully debated.  Then, it must allocate its resources to prioritise the things that are achievable and will create a cultural and business environment where everyone under the ‘country’ banner has the opportunity to shine.

The passion displayed recently shows just how much we care about our music.

Maybe you’re driven by a single issue/concern, maybe you have a broader perspective.  Maybe you’re an amateur involved for fun, maybe you’re a professional looking to craft a career.

It doesn’t matter.  The CMAA respects your commitment and will represent you as best it can.

But it can’t do it without your support. Without the resources members provide, it can’t liaise effectively and proactively with the businesses, councils, sponsors, government agencies etc whose decisions create the environment in which we all operate.

I urge you to continue your support – or join as a member, so the CMAA can continue to work for the benefit of all country music practitioners, businesses and fans.

Dobe Newton
CMAA President 2014


Calling all past members of the CMAA !  Now is the time to renew your support for Australian Country Music. We need your voice and your support as we usher in a new, transparent, and dynamic era in Australian Country Music.

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