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Board Nominations 2015-16

The 2015-16 Board Nominees are:

- Please vote for only 2 Board members ** Indicates current board members (VOTING FORM BELOW) RYAN ANDERSON I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada on a 3000 acre farm.  Music has always been in my veins, in high school I was a drummer in a band One Stone Dog.  We went on to tour across Canada and recorded two selling studio albums.  I've also played with a funk disco inspired band, touring Canada and living life on the road.  I've always loved the music industry, so went on to start my own DJ company that let to a career on cruise ships for almost 5 years, this allowed me to travel the world and bring my passion to the dance floor.  I now have moved into a different part of the music industry, this involves live music industry. I have held a position of Board Member in the agricultural sector back in Canada on the "Saskatchewan Young Ag Entrepreneurs" (Saskatchewan - Provincial Board) and the "Canadian Your Farmers Forum" (Canada - National Board), where I worked for over 3 years.  During this time I took part in meetings, radio interviews and helped the organisation look for ways to improve the brand, vision and long term goals of the organisation. I am managing director of Anderson Productions which specialise in tour management, booking agent and festival promotions.  Anderson Productions maintains a professional manner when bringing international musicians into Australia.  I work with them to gain momentum, build a fanbase and create networks here for them. ALLAN CASWELL (Current Board Member)** Writer of over 100 published songs, with over 600 released world-wide. Winner of 6 Golden Guitars and a Finalist (including this year) 31 times. Allan Caswell has had a performing career that has taken him to virtually every town in NSW and every state of Australia, Nashville, New York, Los Angeles, New Zealand, East Timor, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. Allan has served on the Board of the CMAA on and off over many years, chairing various subcommittees, and providing the Board with an alternative but always insightful point of view. He is passionate about songwriting, fairness and equity in the industry, Australian country music, and maintaining the integrity and tradition of our industry. ROGER CORBETT (Current Board Member)** I have been a Member of the CMAA since the first year of the association. In that time I have been a strong supporter of the CMAA initiatives. I have been involved with the College of Country music from 1998 as a Senior group leader and later the Director, Songwriting tutor with the Junior College (Camerata) and now the Academy of Country Music as the General Manager with responsibility for every aspect of the smooth functioning of the project both Junior and Senior. In addition to my role with the CMAA I have been a member of iconic Australian group The Bushwackers for the last 35 years. I also run my Valley Studio production company which has produced albums for over 120 independent artists. I have served on the Board of the CMAA for three years, the last two as Vice Chair, performing and instigating a number of initiatives including communication, setting up the current Facebook system of involvement with the members, helping to pioneer new technologies for voting in the Golden Guitars and general administration duties including staffing, board elections, the Awards voting platform, newsletters and many other tasks. I am a passionate believer in the CMAA and it’s role as the primary representative organisation of the Country Music Industry, protecting and promoting it’s interests and ambitions. In a world that seems hell-bent on minimising the music industry we need a strong and effective CMAA more than ever before. JANE KELLAWAY I have been involved in country music for over 10 years as both an artist and radio presenter. My debut single, For Cryin Out Loud, went well in the charts as did my video clip that was produced by none other than Duncan Toombs. I still get requests for interviews about my album and my video clip still gets played on CMC today. I have also been a VIP Judge for the Golden Guitars for the past two years. I was a finalist in 2014 and 2015 for the Peopleʼs Choice Awards as Most Popular DJ, winning the category in 2015. Both my radio shows, Good Morning Country and 100.3fm, focus on Australian Country Music which I am passionate about. I am always looking for ways to promote the growth of Australian Country Music and the artists that write and sing the songs no matter how young or old they may be. I own The Allstar Entertainment Group that acts as a booking agent and mentor to artists. I love giving the younger artists a chance to perform on my shows to give them the experience of how to perform in public. and a day doesnʼt go past without someone asking me could if I give them a hand with some aspect of “the business”, something that I am always happy to do. I am only 47 years young which I think is an asset as I expect to be around the industry for many more years. I am female and it looks like you could do with a bit more estrogen on the board to help balance out the testosterone levels!!!!!!!!!! 😉 I donʼt have to work a full time job so it gives me time to pursue more aspects of my music which includes being on the CMAA Board. I am also very well respected and loved throughout the country music family and people that know me know that I am honest, trustworthy and reliable. JUSTIN RUDGE With a full time career in the music industry as a musician, band booker and manager, venue booker, festival co-ordinator and studio and live engineer, I bring a wide range of experience to the board. While I play and manage acts in the country genre, I also manage acts from the rock and alternative genres, so have seen things from outside of the country world. As a musician I have played the TCMF a dozen times with acts The Bakersfield Glee Club and Austin Floyd. I am entering my second year on the board of Music Victoria, and have been heavily involved in their annual and Hall of Fame events. I have worked on events from 50 to 5000 capacity venues, and have toured Europe and America as a musician and manager several times. Public Bookings is a Melbourne-based artist booking and management service headed up by Justin Rudge. In 2014 George Hyde joined Justin to assist in servicing existing and new clients. Justin began booking and management at The Standard Hotel in Fitzroy, and from there has developed a small but significant roster of artists. Under the banner of Public Bookings, Justin offers a full service arrangement from local shows to festivals, recording, planning, tour logistics and management and everything in between. Also a recording engineer and performer in his own right, Justin has completed two 35+ date tours of Europe with Dirty York in the last two years. He is also founding member of the team behind Leaps and Bounds Music Festival in the City of Yarra, and in November 2014 was elected to the board of Music Victoria. WARREN H WILLIAMS I am a Western Aranda man, from Ntaria (Hermannsburg) and have been playing music all my life. I love the country music scene here in Australia. I want to do my bit to take country music to the bush and the people who don’t get it. I have travelled with John Williamson for more than 10 years; I have learned so much from John and I have made a lot of friends. I have the love in my heart for Country Music.  
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