CMAA Academy of Country Music gets under way

Academy of Country Music Kicks off in 2015 The 2015 Academy of Country music has commenced in fine style with 28 Senior (over 18) students gathering for the experience of a lifetime. The Academy has been in operation since 1997, long enough to see the advent of the mobile phone, the internet, MP3s and many other fundamental changes to the music industry. The students come to the Academy from as far away as Perth, Cairns, Melbourne and New Zealand but all the students are connected by their great love of country music and their desire to make a career from the music they love. The students are being tutored and mentored by industry figures Tamara Stewart, Brad Bergen, Kevin Bennett, Karl Broadie, Lyn Bowtell and Peter Winkler. Superstars Kasey Chambers and Catherine Britt are dropping by for a visit, to play some music and to impart some experience and wisdom on these new faces to country. Success for the Academy is for the students to fully realise their own individual dream of playing to the level that works best for them. Some go on to create a career and win Golden Guitars but equally some go on to have smaller, equally fulfilling careers The Academy has created a new strand being the Instrumentalist Course which has 8 great musicians taking part. They are tutored by Brad Bergen and they have the opportunity to work with artists, explore their craft and generally prepare themselves for a life of backing up the singers and performers.   The Graduation Concerts take place at the Capitol Theatre on January 15th and 16th. Tickets are available from the Capitol Theatre Box office or

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