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Country Music Australia has a strong, new vision for connecting, engaging, supporting and growing it's country music membership.

2015 has seen a range of new initiatives designed to re-connect with our members and provide value. These opportunities will provide member benefits for promotion and career development and further build on current membership levels to offer membership to fans, juniors, clubs and associations. Country Music Australia is in a period of transition and re-evaluation. Apart from some specific project grant money, Country Music Australia runs entirely on funds generated by our own activities and initiatives and a board of volunteers dedicated to the objectives of Country Music Australia. Support of the organisation by way of membership from people working in the Australian country music industry is vital to the continuing operation and success of the organisation.
Becoming a member of Country Music Australia has never been easier. We have introduced new levels of membership to be inclusive of our entire Country Music industry and county music fans.
PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP If you are a person who makes a part of your living  from an activity in the Country Music Industry we invite you to apply for professional membership. $55  PER YEAR inc GST

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COUNTRY CLUB MEMBERSHIP If you love Country music and would like to be a part of helping us grow Country Music Australia you can sign up to our Country Club newsletter FREE (No Joining Fee)

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JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP Junior membership is for Junior Academy students and under 18's who are actively working to create a future career in Country Music in Australia. $25 PER YEAR Inc GST

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Calling all past members of the CMAA !  Now is the time to renew your support for Australian Country Music. We need your voice and your support as we usher in a new, transparent, and dynamic era in Australian Country Music.
Your contribution as an individual or organisation goes a long way to support the professionalism of Country Music Australia. A volunteer board is currently working behind the scenes in everything from answering questions from the general public, media and government to representing your interests in campaigns designed to improve industry conditions. By adding your weight to Country Music Australia's numbers, you help give the organisation strength. Strength to do things, for you, for the industry and for others on your behalf. And it's the old story, strength in numbers allows the organisation to do a whole lot more than if you weren't on board! The more people on board, the more the Association is able to do for you. Your membership gives you the opportunity to be directly involved in the future of your industry ­ a chance to influence what happens and make a direct contribution to your own industry.  

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