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Letter to members

Dear Professional Members As you know, we endured some difficult times leading up to the 2014 Golden Guitar Awards  but we are pleased to say that the Golden Guitar Awards was extremely well received  and the performers, participants and winners all did country music proud. We are currently revisiting and, in some areas revising, all the judging criteria to ensure you can easily confirm the eligibility of your song/recording when submitting an entry for the Golden Guitars, and that your entry will be fairly judged along with all the other songs submitted. We will also appoint an Integrity Committee whose sole task will be to scrutinise Awards nominations prior to voting AND the public announcement of finalists.  We are confident this will eliminate any embarrassing acceptance of ineligible material. The CMAA is a member based organisation. We exist for you, and because of you. It is a not-for-profit organisation.  It’s your organisation whose main role is to represent country music practitioners and oversee the production and presentation of the Golden Guitar Awards at Tamworth. In addition, the CMAA has very successfully run the Country Music Academy which provides an intensive workshops and skills development program for budding performers and songwriters. The Academy boasts graduates such as Sara Storer, The McClymonts, Adam Eckersley, Harmony James, Luke Austen, The Sunny Cowgirls, The Davidson Brothers, Ashleigh Dallas and many others who have gone on forge successful careers in Country Music. Since the Awards night the Board of the CMAA has undergone some significant changes…….Marius Els,  Jeff Chandler, Graham Thompson and Gayle Madill have resigned as Board Members. These people have been long standing Board members of the CMAA who have worked tirelessly for the country music community and, between them, produced / coordinated played a central role in presenting the Awards show at Tamworth for the last 10 years. The amount of time and effort they put in was remarkable…and all on a volunteer basis. Tamara Stewart, a Board member for 2 years and a valuable contributor to the Academy in particular has also resigned. The current CMAA Board currently comprises Dobe Newton (Chair) , Roger Corbett (Vice Chair), Meryl Davis (Secretary), Allan Caswell, Tom Inglis, Brendan Radford, Paul O’Gorman, Lachlan Bryan and Keith Jamieson. We are gradually filling the  vacancies created and expect to be able to announce the new members soon. We acknowledge that there has been a view that the CMAA has existed mainly for the benefit of the existing mainstream artists and that the up and comers as well as Bush Balladeers, Bluegrass players and other sub genres within country music have little hope of even being nominated for a Golden Guitar. We can only say that as far as the current Board are concerned this has never been the case and we are hopeful that the “user friendly” approach we are adopting in relation to fees and eligibility will go a long way to dispelling any concerns in that area. Our Board comprises of mostly Independent artists and Managers and we are determined to create a  new “member friendly” approach in everything we do. We are dramatically changing our fee structure and undertaking an overhaul of the judging process. The Board of the CMAA wants to reconnect with you….but we need your input as to what we can do for you. One of the areas we have looked at to assist members are the membership fees. For sometime now, we have thought the fees have been too high and as a result, we have resolved to reduce the fees for the next financial year.  When memberships renewals are due soon, we hope that you will renew yours and urge others to sign up. Obviously a reduction in fees is going to affect our bottom line, but we want as many members as possible to come on board so that we have a stronger voice in representing you in the broader music community and an appropriate member base to support our role as your representative with the Tamworth Regional Council and others to provide an even better Golden Guitars event next year. We have employed a new Office Manager, Belinda Blanch from the Tamworth area and she’ll be working with the Board to create a new, vital membership with more contact, news and benefits to you as a professional Member. The Golden Guitar Awards, The Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Industry in general all benefit enormously from the input and efforts of the CMAA.  To continue to be a strong organisation we need to strengthen  our membership base and present a united front to the Tamworth Regional Council, with whom we are partners in staging the Golden Guitar Awards. Our new website launched during the Festival in January and has created a really positive reaction, is receiving a lot of visitors and we're looking forward to building on this great start. You can be an active participant by advertising your event, gig, single, film clip or anything you like using CMAA website and our Facebook page, which now has 17,000 fans. Every member of the CMAA is able to access their artist week on our Facebook page free. We have also created many different price points for advertising with us and great CMAA member discounts. If you have any thought, comments, suggestions, questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the email HERE  MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS > HERE  

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