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Whether you are a professional member or a corporate enterprise, partnering with Country Music Association of Australia provides an opportunity to increase your profile, advertise, highlight album releases, tours, and special concerts at a very competitive prices. The CMAA website averages over 40,000 visits, 80,000 page views and 3,500 downloads per month. The average time spent on the site is growing each month and now averages over 7 minutes per visit. To ensure that the site maintains its high standards of editorial and information base, advertising is only available on certain pages of the website. We are currently offering 2 kinds of advertising opportunities on the website and each ad placement provides a  'click through'  from highly visible pages on the website.
BANNER ADVERTISING Placements for Banner Advertising appear on the Home page and sub pages and are currently held for Country Music Australia branding and corporate sponsorship or partnership initiatives. Please contact our office to speak to us about partnering.
SPOTLIGHT ADVERTISING Placements for Spotlight Advertising appear on the Home page in a rotating format. Each Home page placement clicks through to a full page provided for additional information, links and photos. FROM $ 220 per month
SIDEBAR ADVERTISING Placements for Sidebar Advertising appear on the Home page and all other internal web pages with the exception of the Awards page. This page is reserved for Country Music Australia and partners. FROM $ 80 per month
  For all ENQUIRIES  and BOOKINGS for advertising and partnerships, please contact our office > HERE 
FACEBOOK ADVERTISING As a member you are entitled to one FREE Facebook 'Artist Of The Week' package per year. Bookings are essential. Contact  > HERE SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE Facebook + Twitter, 2 posts per day FROM $ 80 per week
Sidebar advertisement on FAN electronic newsletter – stand alone $295 per month Sidebar advertisement on FAN electronic newsletter – with web advertising $195 per month  

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