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Country Music Australia (CMAA) recognises and promotes excellence in Australian Country Music. Formed in 1992 Country Music Australia represents all aspects of the Australian country music industry.

  • Foster the growth of the Country Music  in Australia to ensure a long – term, popular and viable industry.
  • Grow the demand for and popularity of Australian Country Music both domestically and internationally;
  • Encourage, develop and promote the interests of all professionals in the Australian country music industry;
  • Promote knowledge of, interest in and respect for the heritage of Australian Country Music and the people who create it and perform it;
  • Encourage, develop and promote Australian Country Music to the world;
  • Grow, manage and maintain the values and standards of the annual Country Music Awards of Australia and the annual Australian Academy of Country Music;
  • Develop partnerships and alliances to achieve the goals listed above
2012 CMAA Golden Guitar Winners   Each year we celebrate and honor the outstanding success of Australian country music artists, performers, songwriters, producers and lifetime contributions at a star studded Golden Guitar awards presentation in Tamworth during the Country Music Festival in January.
The Academy recognises and nurtures the building of country music careers in Australia.  The CMAA Academy of Country Music is for Singers, Performers, Songwriters and Instrumentalists and others. The Academy was created in 2009, after the merging of the long running, highly successful CMAA Australian College of Country Music and the Tamworth Camerata Junior Country Music School. The Academy runs two separate and concurrent courses: Senior course in January - a two week curriculum for students aged over 18 Instrumentalist course in January - a two week curriculum for students aged over 18 Junior course in January - a one week curriculum for students aged under 18. For more information click HERE


Jimmy Little - The history of the CMAA The Country Music Association of Australia was formed late in 1991. This followed a decision by the then organizers of the Australasian Country Music Awards, (Radio 2TM) to discontinue the traditional Awards night, started in 1973. Instead Golden Guitars were to be presented at a number of different venues during the Festival. This actually occurred in January 1992 and was deemed a failure by the industry. The decision to change the format was taken by 2TM (through it's subsidury BAL Marketing) without consultation with the industry. Artists, record companies, songwriters and other industry people were incensed by the change to our long established ”night of nights”. A small group comprising Slim Dusty, John Williamson, Joy McKean, Phil Matthews and Max Ellis decided to start a an organization which would fight for the interests of the Australian country music industry particularly in regard to the Awards. The Country Music Association of Australia was launched in Tamworth in January 1992 with Slim Dusty at Chairman, John Williamson as Vice Chairman, Joy Mckean as Treasurer, Max Ellis as Secretary and Phil Matthews as Public Officer.  A Board of 18 industry members was appointed. Funding was generated by a huge concert at the Rodeo Arena in January 1992 with virtually all the industry’s major artists performing for free. It raised over $40,000.  In addition APRA gave a $10,000 grant as well as legal assistance. By June 1992 the CMAA had achieved it’s first of many achievements. After lengthy negotiations, Radio 2TM generously agreed to hand over the Awards with out charge to the new body. The CMAA was underway. For more information on the History of Country Music in Australia click HERE  READ about a new era for Country Music Australia

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